Univ. Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. Norbert Fisch

Steinbeis-Innovationszentrum Energie-, Gebäude- und Solartechnik

M. Norbert Fisch

Current Position:

1996 – 2019 Full Professor and Director of the Institute for Energy Design, Building Services and Solar Technology (IGS), Faculty of Architecture, Technical University Brunswig (about 6 assistant professors, 25 researchers – architects, civil- and mechanical engineers).

1997 - present

  • CEO of EGS-plan, Stuttgart
  • CEO of Energy Design Brunswig
  • CEO of EGSplan International, Stuttgart, Shanghai, Bangkok CEO of Green Hydrogen, Esslingen
  • Engineering consultants of Energy Concepts, Building Services, Building Physics and Solar Technology (totally about 100 mechanical engineers)

Previous Positons:

1984 – 1996 Head of Department Rational Use of Energy and Solar Technology, Institute for Thermodynamic and Heat Transfer, University Stuttgart

1994 - 1997 Director of the Steinbeis TZ – Consultanting Engineers for Energy Concepts of Buildings and Solar Systems, Stuttgart


  • Ph.D., 1984; Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Stuttgart. Thesis - ‘Theoretical and experimental Investigations of solar assisted air heating systems”
  • Dipl.Ing.,1976; University of Stuttgart, Master Study Program in Energy Technology
  • B.Eng., 1974; University of Stuttgart, Mechanical Engineering Dipl.Ing.(FH),1972; College of Mechanical Eng., Friedberg

Examiner: Masters Degree and Doctor of Philosophy supervision and examination for all Universities in Germany

Supervisor: Supervisor of about 20 PhD assistants at the IGS

Publications: Over hundered published papers in the areas: Solar Energy, Rational Use of Energy and Energy Efficient Office Buildings